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Preserving foreclosed homes

Premier Oasis Landscaping & Home Maintenance offers a property preservation service for homes that are REO or foreclosed homes that need a little TLC.


With flexible availability and competitive prices, give us a call today to get started on keeping that foreclosed home out of disarray.

What do our property preservation services include?

Typically, REO or foreclosed homes spend extended time vacant. Premier Oasis Landscaping & Home Maintenance will change the locks on the property and remove any junk that was left behind. Licensed and insured, you can count on our work.

Comprehensive cleaning services

Premier Oasis Landscaping & Home Maintenance has quality maid services available to clean REO or foreclosed homes from top to bottom. Keeping the home clean allows for quality showings in the future. Call now for your FREE estimate for our maid service!

Winterizing the property

When winter hits, you want a vacant home to be properly prepared. Our winterizing services will keep the pipes from freezing and allow the property to endure cold weather without further damage being caused. Give us a call today to get started!